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14:09:2011 г.

The organization of Disabled People "Kovcheg" from Vladivostok organized the trip for a group of wheelchair users in China. A group of 25 people went to the Chinese city Hunchun in the 14th of September to know about the neighboring country, to make friends with Chinese disabilities, to share their own experiences of rehabilitation, ideas and ways of spending time.

All comfortable conditions will be created for people with disabilities to stay in China. It is planned to visit a Buddhist temple, to visit the tea ceremony and to meet with Chinese people with disabilities.

Artem Moiseenko, chairman of the public organizations of disabled persons 'Ark', coordinator of the project "United Country" in the Primorsky region: " Department of Tourism Administration of Primorsky Region, Primorsky Branch of the Russian Union of Travel Industry, Travel Agency "Morinstur" helped us in funding to travel to China. Larissa Belobrova who engages in charitable activities also sponsored us. Thank you everybody for your help, it's a very significant event for us. The abroad travel of wheelchair users have never carried out before in such numbers in Vladivostok. In the three-day trip 25 people go, 17 of them are disabled people, the rest is the accompanying persons. Those who take the most active part in the "Kovcheg" go to Hunchun. The next time we take the other in a trip. For the first trip abroad we chose Hunchun because it is not very far. At first it is necessary to see how disabled people перенесут a trip. We are going to visit a Buddhist temple, to visit the tea ceremony and, of course, to meet with the Chinese people with disabilities. We want to share our experiences of rehabilitation, to tell and show how we spend our time. I think that we have a few sporting events in tennis, darts, bochu. And in winter we are going to invite the Chinese Disabled Persons in Vladivostok on an ice fishing. We have already such experience of this winter kind of spending time. Our disabled people look forward to go fishing in a warm winter day. As they say, it’s better to see once than to hear hundred times. We take the videos with our activities and events with us in Hunchun. We’ll show that the active rest is quite real for wheelchair users.

Artyom Moiseenko



“Kovcheg” - Social Organization of Spinal Cord Injury Invalids and People With Disabilities 2011.

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