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14:11:2011 г.

As part of the excursion low mobile citizens visited the hostel and built academic buildings, they checked the width of doorways, an ease of access ramps and toilet rooms in residential buildings. Also wheelchair users visited the embankment which was entirely suitable for the movement of wheelchairs.

18:10:2011 г.

The event is organized by the Society of Disabled People "Kovcheg". More than fifty persons with disabilities from different region areas arrived in Vladivostok in order to reveal the strongest one in the billiard sport. This event has been held for the third time and each year it becomes more and more popular. Geography of the participants has expanded - this year's tournament was played with disabilities from Vladivostok, Artem, Ussuriisk, Bolshoi Kamen, Nakhodka and Nadezhdenkii district.

07:10:2011 г.

The picket against the indifference and injustice held in Vladivostok. Dozens of people with disabilities gathered here to know why they have to haunt threshold and even to go to court with the aim to get the benefits due to them. There are people from all over the region here. Many of them overcame with difficulty a few tens of kilometers to get here. The people with disabilities consider that the fund largely violates their rights, and they decided to announce it in publicly.

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Artyom Moiseenko



“Kovcheg” - Social Organization of Spinal Cord Injury Invalids and People With Disabilities 2011.

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