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Issues of handicapped people are among the most sensitive and definitely unresolved ones in the Russian society nowadays. People suffering from spinal cord injuries are the ones who are protected and served least among the groups of handicapped people living in Russia today. People with traumas of spinal cord which caused a handicap in them suffer the highest mortality rate as they are stripped of sometimes even basic needed conditions and provisions, while its them, who need more complicated treatments, specialized lifestyle adjustments, and provisions for healthcare and rehabilitation in order to survive their condition, regain and maintain their health. Unfortunately, current condition of the governmental protection and maintenance programs for handicapped with SCI as well as for all other groups is far from providing for sufficient treatment and quality rehabilitation. Ostensibly, the government alone is not a sufficient source of problem-solving resources and activities in supporting handicapped, especially in complicated cases such as SCI; the social programs and policies in these fields are insufficient in both their coverage of issues and needs and their promotion, left alone the enforcement, of safeguarding and nurturing the rights and needs of handicapped people. The only way to find support is to induce initiatives in among handicapped themselves, such as organization if NGOs and Associations, which would be promoting and enforcing the rights, needs, and social benefits for the handicapped.

Upon observing and realizing the situational constraints imposed on the handicapped, a group people with SCI in Vladivostok held a board meeting, where a new Social Organization was established and named Kovcheg (Russian equivalent for the Ark). The name chosen for the organization was not accidental preference. The organizations name honors the Biblical history of Noah, who built an ark to provide shelter for living creatures while earth had been captured by storm and subsequent flooding. Nowadays, many handicapped people are suffering personality and psychological crises in addition to their physical handicaps, which occurs because these people had lost their ability to walk or even move, as well as become unable to support themselves and their health needs financially; with moral and spiritual support most of the time being among the most important factors defining their well-being as persons. In order to rehabilitate both physically and socially, handicapped people need to have strong buttress of fellowship and mutual support, social meaningfulness, governmental and cultural recognition, as well as fair and sufficient financial allowance to provide for medical treatment and cure.


Our mission is to help each other overcome our unfortunate injuries and handicaps, improve the quality of life for people with SCI and other disabled people and invalids by providing gratuitous help and support in finding and obtaining information, legal protection and social rehabilitation.


Our generral goal is to obtain that a Rehabilitation Centre Complex is built in the ecologically clean area of our region. Constituting the facilities of the rehabilitation complex, beyond the actual cure and treatment medical centre, will be housing for disabled people and invalids, swimming pools and saunas, gyms and special training facilities for medical purposes, auxiliary premises.
Currently, the methodology of rehabilitation is being constantly worked on and developed by Artyom Sergeevich Moiseenko. He is basing his findings on his rich personal experiences in trying to obtain a cure of SCI, having experienced various traditional and untraditional methodologies, and studied methods utilized in different rehabilitation centers for handicapped and invalids worldwide (such as rehabilitation centre of V.I. Dikul in Russia).

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Kovcheg - Social Organization of Spinal Cord Injury Invalids and People With Disabilities 2011.

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