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Primorsky krai rugby players with disabilities win bronze medals at the competition in Moscow

Last weekend Primorsky krai Paralympic athletes won bronze medals in a tough struggle in the Moscow Open Cup.
They won the second place being separated only by one point away from the favorite of the championship, the Moscow Preo team.
Now the athletes spend some leisure time in Moscow and prepare for the next serious round of competition, the second round of the Russian Rugby Wheelchair Championship, which will be held in Alexin, Tula region, September, 22-26.
Primorsky krai teams spirit is very ambitious, as they are planning to take one of the prizes of the competition.
This is already the second award of our rugby players. The first medals they won in November 2012 at the Russian Championship. At that time, the team was just formed, so the victory in the competition was a great achievement for the athletes. For that achievement they were awarded a special prize of the Primorsky kray Regional Government in the nomination "Breakthrough of the year." In the first round of the second Russian Championship, which was held in April 2013, two players of Primorsky Krai team entered the first team of the Russian rugby team, one of whom, Andrew Smolyannikov, has already participated in the international tournaments in Europe as a member of the Russias national team.
Primorsky krai Regional Federation of Fitness and Sports of the disabled persons with the conditions of the musculoskeletal system and Maritime rugby team continue recruiting the wheelchair players for the team amongst disabled wheelchair users with fractures of the cervical spine or similar conditions.
Also, the team would gladly accept any assistance to continue its development, as the guys dont have a permanent financing yet. As of recently they didnt have any professional wheelchairs for any of their team players. With the help of some players several brand wheelchairs were purchased, but this is not enough to fully train them and to participate in the competitions.
We invite everyone to meet our rugby team on arrival on its arrival to Vladivostok on September 27. You can find out when the team will arrive by contacting the Sports Federations phone number.

Translated for Kovcheg by: Anastasiya Baiborodina
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