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The wheelchair rugby team of Primorsky Krai won the third place at the second round of the Russian Championship
The second round of the Russian Rugby Wheelchair Championship was held from September, 22-26 2013 in the city of Alexin, Tula region, at the OKA sport-training center.
The tournament was attended by five teams: two teams from Moscow, "Overcoming" and "The Legion", a team of the Moscow region, the Kovcheg team from Primorsky Krai, as well as the Dagestan team that goes by the name of "The Country of mountains."
According to the results of the games, our team Kovcheg took the third place, leaving behind The Legion and The Country of mountains. The front man of the Primorsky krai team, Andrew Smolyannikov, member of Russia national team of the Wheelchair rugby, won the title of the best player in his category of the Championship.
Consequently, the rugby players of Primorsky krai bring home two sets of medals at once the third place in the Second round of the Russian Championship and the third place in the Moscow Open Cup, which was held in the national capital September, 14-15 2013.
Despite the fact that Kovcheg team is young (it was founded only in November 2012) and has not completely formed and well-played yet, the level of skill of players increases steadily from tournament to tournament. Both umpires and organizers get to note this fact. For example, during match with the tournaments favorite, the Moscow team Overcoming, the score points were almost equal. Only in the second round of the game Overcoming increased the difference by 12 points, and by the end of the match, the score was 29: 41 in favor of Moscow team.
The most important thing is that our team has a strong competitive and fighting spirit, which helps its members withstand the onslaught of stronger and more trained opponents. The Kovcheg wheelchair rugby team is serious about training and winning in future competitions. Of course, guys are in need of financial support and assistance in the team growth.
Primorsky krai Regional Federation of Fitness and Sports of the disabled persons with the conditions of the musculoskeletal system and Maritime rugby team continue recruiting the wheelchair players for the team amongst disabled wheelchair users with fractures of the cervical spine or similar conditions. We invite you to an active and athletic life, full of interesting events and victories!

Translated for Kovcheg by: Anastasiya Baiborodina
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